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Who is Ron
Whether it was playing the piano and singing in church, breaking sales records or managing winning teams, Ron Pagliarulo has a proven track of success. Ron has been in retail management and leadership positions for 20+ years and has held positions from General Manager, Regional manager, District manager, Divisional Sales Manager, Director of Sales and Training, Director of Retail Operations, Director of E-learning, and National Director of Training and Development.
Starting his career with a national franchise organization, Great Earth Vitamins, Ron created innovative programs to help increase revenue and turn around failing stores, and was soon promoted to bring his successful programs nationwide with the company.
Ron’s word of mouth referral programs, and unique marketing campaigns completely revolutionized how the stores did advertising and the changes were implemented throughout the organization resulting in millions of dollars in increased sales for the company.
Ron also created a unique, systematic step-by-step retail selling program that resulted in over a 100% increase in sales over previous years business for the stores that were in the pilot.
This proven selling system now known as “Retail Selling Explosion”, was also implemented in other companies as well and has consistently produced increased revenue, and a dramatic increase in closing ratios after being implemented. Ron worked personally with Tom Hopkins, the nation’s #1 sales trainer, and Tom endorsed the program as one of the most well thought out retail sales programs he has seen.
Ron was asked to be the keynote speaker multiple times at Great Earth Vitamins and was hailed “Wonder Boy” (Keep in mind he was only in his 20’s being asked to speak on a national stage before thousands of franchisees)
Ron also was a very successful business consultant and was able to generate a 900% increase in business for a franchisee who was at the point of almost having to shut down his company. The changes Ron implemented brought the company from 13K a month to 130K per month in less than 6 months.
One of Ron’s most proudest achievements was the creation and implementation of a unique training program for Aaron’s Inc. This “never been done before” employee training program brought high energy, accelerated learning techniques to thousands of associates using webinars, live trainers, and online learning.
This employee training program was a major factor in why Aaron’s Inc. added almost 2 billion dollars in sales, opened 1480 new stores across the country, and was able to reduce employee turnover from 138% down to 60%. The company experienced 42 months of consecutive growth and profit, as well as increased cash flow in a down economy.
His training department of 10 people currently trained over 17,000 employees nationwide. (For perspective according to Training & Development magazine a company with the same revenue and employees as Aaron’s Inc, has 109 people in the training department, and spends almost 12 million dollars on training) Ron was able to do this with 10 people and spend less than 1 million.
Ron “Pags” Pagliarulo has spoken as one of the main speakers, keynote speakers, and trainers for every major company event for Aaron’s Inc. for the last 8 years.
Some of his other accomplishments at Aaron’s Inc, include creating programs such as:
“The Art of Reselling the Renewal”, “Fast Track Field Visiting”, the “GAP GROW” selling process, and GM Boot Camp.
Ron is the CEO and founder of Get Breakthrough Now! a training and development company that specializes in business consulting, management and leadership development, personal success training, and retail selling.
Ron is the author of the soon to be released book – BEST of the BEST: Secrets to Becoming a Top Performing Retail Manager.
Ron also is the creator of the PRO2717 Leadership Revolution. A breakthrough servant leadership training program based off of the concept of “As iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another”
You can contact Ron for a free business strategy session or to book a speaking engagement at ronpag@getbreakthroughnow.com 

With a 20 year proven track record helping companies across the nation grow and expand, Ron is an expert advisor, author and consultant who will help your company get to the next level.

Ron's book BEST of the BEST: Secrets to Becoming a Top Revenue Producing Retail Manager is the first book of its kind solely for retail managers.

Areas of expertise:

  • Retail Sales and Marketing
  • Management
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Training and Development

Ron has a passion for ministry and he wants to help your ministry and church prosper.  Ron preached his first message at 13, and led Praise and Worship.

Ron does seminars, and workshops for:

  • Youth
  • Men's Groups
  • Church Growth
  • Pastor's retreats
  • Breakthrough Praise and Worship

Currently there is a leadership void and vacuum in the world. It's hard to find truly relevant and practical leadership training that isn't filled with a bunch of "fluff" theory. Ron's PRO2717 Leadership training is based on the simple principle of "Iron Sharpening Iron."  Ron will show you how to make maximum impact with your team regardless of the size. 

This training series will transform your organization from the inside out.

Let's face it.  Life can get hard, and the soothing comfort zone of mediocrity is constantly calling out your name.  If you are ready to transform your health, your finances, your relationships, and your life, then Ron is the man to help you do it.

Ron's signature Personal Development Program is designed with the one purpose of helping you breakthrough to the highest level.

Ron Pagliarulo
President, Get Break Through Now!, LLC

20 Vestry Walk
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